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Free of Charge Initial Consultation or Chimney Survey

Many installers refer to this as a Chimney Survey. It’s important to be clear – a chimney survey or chimney surveyor is a rare, if not an impossible beast – we can inspect, we can use our 17 years experience, we can draw on our industry knowledge. We don’t like calling our inspections surveys because that term implies a professional chimney surveyor qualification – and there is no such thing!

We can give you a fair bit of guidance even over the phone because we know the right questions to ask. We can also give you some pretty accurate ballpark figures so you know if your project is ‘do-able’ for you before you invest too much time in it.

You should be aware that a cursory visual check is NOT sufficient to judge if an installation can be carried out safely or will be insurable. A good question to ask potential installers is ‘how do you know my chimney is safe to line’!

We are a HETAS registered installation company and also technical members of NACE (National Association of Chimney Engineers), giving you a more thorough, technically competent, and transparent service.

We won’t just issue a certificate of self-certification – we’ll give you a detailed audit trail and explanation of Building Regulation requirements to give you a safe installation and future security for your installation.

Our NACE partnership with the Local Authority Building Control office is particularly important as HETAS fitters are absolutely NOT authorised to self-certify any chimney or fireplace building, structural or renovation works, and any such works CANNOT be legally carried out by pure HETAS fitters NOR attract any protections.

The Green Man Stoves enquiry process

  1. Initial interest by phone, in person or just mooching the net
  2. Submit appropriate form 
  3. Email from Green Man Stoves outlining costs and possible works involved
  4. Detailed internal and external inspection. CCTV of chimney and loft inspection to ensure it is safe to proceed with works.
  5. Detailed report and quotation issued
  6. Where appropriate Local Authority Building Control application is helped with.
  7. On acceptance of a detailed quotation, a deposit is paid and dates set for works to commence

So where to start?

Give us a call on 01989 218328 or 01453 753485 to chat it through. Or fill in the appropriate form above and send it to us. 

What Next….

Once we’ve established your installation is ‘do-able’ in principal, and you are comfortable with the ballpark budget – we need to make sure your chimney is safe and sound enough to take a chimney liner through a Detailed Report and CCTV Camera Inspection

The type of photos we’ll find helpful If you do have a chimney...

Example new enquiry chimney outside 300x300

Example Chimney Outside (Please include the top of the chimney)



Example new enquiry fireplace 300x300

Example Fireplace


Example new enquiry inside chimney

Example Up inside the chimney if possible


 The type of photos we’ll find helpful If you don't have a chimney...

Picture1 TW

Wide angle of the building including the roof

Picture2 TW

The building outside of the room

Picture3 TW

The area in the room you'd like the stove

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