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Green Man Stoves has been trading for 20 years now. We’ve been in various locations, and have now settled in our ‘forever home’ in Weston-under-Penyard just outside Ross-on-Wye.

We’re open 9-4pm Monday to Friday for most of the year, but in the summer months we do close at 1pm on a Saturday. It is nice to see the light of day sometimes!

A lot of our customers are one time, unique customers to us (given that a stove installation should last very many, many years). However we are always pleased to return for a brief visit annually; to sweep chimneys, service stoves and give whatever advice and support we can about how the stove is being used and the type of fuel being burned.

Having said that, we are always absolutely delighted when people move house and want us to turn their new house into a home with a brand new installation again! Or when people’s children leave home and want us to transport their first new homes into cosy havens.

We are proud of the fact that our customers do return to us and consistently get good, sound, honest advice, great workmanship, great customer service and great after sales service.

All of our installation staff are direct employees. We may use Subcontractors for specific aspects of the work to be completed such as chimney maintenance and scaffolding or cherry picker provision. 


Every customer is asked to review their experience with Green Man Stoves. Our view is that we all need a pat on the back when we’ve done well and we all benefit from knowing what we can do better in the future. We keep all our reviews in the showroom for you to have a mooch through – and to prove we haven’t made them up! Have a look!


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Ross-On-Wye:  01989 218328

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Get in touch for more info

Ross-On-Wye:  01989 218328