How to get the best out of your Stove

You would be surprised to learn how many people do not know how to use their stove properly – whether you’ve just moved into a new house with a woodburner already installed, or you’ve promised yourself to read the instructions on that new stove but never quite got around to it but the cold weather is more urgent to deal with, or you have simply used one for years based on instinct!

We can show you how to use your stove properly, and how to eke out as many years as possible out of your chimney liner – what fuels to use, frequency of maintenance and what all the knobs and levers do!

Example: Never completely empty your ash tray. The metal is thinner but is exposed to a large amount of heat from the grate and can buckle if it isn’t protected by a thin layer of ash.

When we line a customer’s chimney and install their stove, the very last thing we do is give you a lesson in using your stove. Stove efficiency, glass cleanliness, heat output to the room, chimney safety, health and length of life can be impacted massively by improper or untrained use. We also give you some ‘Handy Hints & Tips’ information as well as some important ‘Do’s and Don’ts’. And don’t forget, we would like to have a long and happy relationship with all our customers, so we are pleased to be in the showroom, on the end of the phone or receiving e-mail to ask for advice or guidance over the life of your stove and chimney lining.

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for lots more information, guidance and advice.

For a friendly lesson in best practice call 01989 218328 or 01453 753485 or get in touch.

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