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Chimney Sweep and Stove Servicing

  • Chimney sweep and stove servicing.
  • Annual stove and fireplace inspections. 
  • Chimney lining checks.

Solid fuel appliances are known for their high quality, robust construction and long term durability. However, like any product in continuous use they do require attention and a chimney sweep and stove servicing by a competent engineer is a good idea. We are a HETAS registered company and all our installations will conform to the current regulations and best practice.

Green Man Stoves recommend you have a chimney sweep at least annually, and in any case immediately after your first burn season. We can tell you how your chimney is performing, give advice on the fuel you are using and based upon what we find, suggest how frequently you should have your chimney swept in the future.

Having a chimney sweep at the end of a burn season rather than when you start to think about having fires again in the Autumn will mean you get rid of any tar and creosote deposits as soon as possible rather than leave them to corrode your shiny new liner over the summer months. Lining your chimney is not cheap and you will want to eke as many years out of it as possible by giving it a bit of tlc and maintaining it well.

As with any appliance or equipment which is in fairly frequent use, it is advisable to have your stove serviced annually to make sure it is safe, working properly and looking good! This may also be a requirement of your house insurance and stove warranty. Green Man Stoves offers a full chimney sweep and stove servicing service which includes:

  • Checking your stove glass for any damage, cleaning it and advising if any replacement is needed
  • Checking the door seals for tightness and replacing stove rope if necessary
  • Checking all movable controls – top and bottom air, riddlers, dampers and adjusting if necessary
  • Examining fire cement seals – rejointing if required
  • Examining register plate seals and resealing if necessary
  • Sweeping full length of flue liner and removing all debris
  • Examining body of the stove and respray
  • Inspecting your installation for leaks
  • Advising on fuel being used
  • Checking any ventilation fitted is clear of obstruction


Gas is not the only fuel which emits carbon monoxide and each year a number of people are killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning from solid fuel and wood burning heating appliances. We aren’t in the business of making people buy from us through fear. Having a stove in your house should provide warmth and comfort. However, carbon monoxide is a real and present danger when burning any fuel. Your chimney and your stove are often in the centre of your home, your family, your pets, your memories. Please don’t gamble with those things for the sake of a few pounds. Unfortunately we do get to hear lots of distressing horror stories. People’s awareness is improving – but we still have a way to go. Have a look at our Carbon Monoxide page for more information.

If Green Man Stoves installed your stove and liner you will have a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room as your stove. If we didn’t and you haven’t got one, please do get one, and in older properties put one in the room above as well just to be on the safe side. We stock FireAngel alarms in our showroom. If you are doubtful about the chances of being poisoned by carbon monoxide, take a look at the Carbon Monoxide Awareness website.

The Health & Safety Executive also takes the view that the maintenance of solid fuel appliances forms part of a landlord’s undertaking, that the chimney sweep and stove servicing should not be delegated to tenants and that this requirement of maintenance can be enforced.

If and when you sell your property, your Energy Performance Certificate will encompass your solid fuel appliance which will only achieve maximum efficiency/rating if properly maintained, and you now have to certify and declare your CO2 efficiency.

Next Steps...

For customers moving into a property, or indeed with a lined chimney of their own which is a few years old, investing in a CCTV chimney camera inspection can also be a sound option for peace of mind.

With all these things in mind, our chimney sweep and stove servicing includes chimney sweeping, checking stove seals, cleaning dampers & firebox, advising on consumables and advising on improved operation where relevant.

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