Flametek Electric Stoves

Flametek Electric Stoves

The range of electric stoves we stock are the Flamtek Electric Stoves.

These offer a realistic, LED, energy-efficient flame effect. A simple remote control is included with each fire in addition to a unique 'build your own' fuel bed option with mixed fuels (coal, crystals, log set, pebbles, silver birch, and pine cones). The reason we choose to stock Flametek Electric Stoves is that they're aesthetically pleasing and available at an incredibly reasonable price, making them a great option when you're looking for an electric stove. 


You can have a fire even if you don't have a chimney 

The beauty of an Electric Stove is that it allows those without a chimney to enjoy the coziness of a lovely warm fire. Nothing is being burnt with an electric fire so there's no need for a chimney to funnel away the gases, another consequential benefit of this is that your electric stove can be put virtually anywhere in your home. 

No cleanup 

Electric stoves don't have a grate that requires to be cleaned or ash to shovel away, meaning their maintenance is simple and easy and no chimney that needs to be swept. This maintenance although not tiresome on solid fuel appliances, may not be convenient for every homeowner so an Electric Stove may be the more simplistic choice.

100% Efficiency

Electric fires don't emit heat in the same way as solid fuel appliances and they can be classed as 100% efficient as there's no heat being wasted in burning off the gas produced from the fuel. Electric stoves can generally have higher operating costs through the use of electric heating, but the 100% efficiency can compensate for this as you're getting all the heat you're paying for.

No Harmful Gases 

It is undeniable that solid fuel and gas flames produce hazardous gases such as Carbon Monoxide. These emissions are vented away when the appliance and chimney system is properly set up and maintained, so they don't become a problem. However, there are many factors such as the fuel type and moisture, running the appliance at a safe temperature, and the quality of the installation which can affect the efficiency of the removal of those gases. 

With Electric fires, you don't have to worry about this as it's a very different type of heating, and with no emissions, they may be an option if you're living in a smoke-free zone.

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