EcoDesign Explained

Why We Support Ecodesign

All of the stoves we recommend are compliant with the new Ecodesign legislation, all non-compliant stoves will be withdrawn from the market on 1st Jan 2022 which means spare parts for non-compliant stoves will become increasingly difficult to source. For us, we want to future-proof your installation so that you will still be able to get any spare parts you need.

For us this is a bit of a no-brainer, for a stove to pollute less and the emission to be cleaner, the exhaust gases need to be cleaner. This will mean your chimney liner will last longer. For the gases to be cleaner, the stove needs to achieve better, cleaner combustion which means it will be more efficient, need less fuel, and the glass on your stove will stay cleaner. It means your whole installation is more efficient and healthier, giving you much better value for money.

What is Eco Design?

You may be aware of the Governments goal to better promote the use of cleaner solid fuels, appliances and operation techniques through its Clean Air Strategy, aiming to continue to reduce the impacts of solid fuel appliance use on the UK's air quality. 

Part of this new initiative is the new Eco Design Legislation, that solid fuel room heater appliances will need to meet by January 1st, 2022.

But what exactly does this mean? 

Simply put, the Ecodesign Regulations establish new seasonal efficiency and maximum emission limits for solid fuel stoves, room heater stoves with boilers, and cooker appliances. Only those appliances that have been inspected and found to satisfy the new standards will be able to be sold. Particulate Matter (PM), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are among the pollutants with emission restrictions. 

So What Changes After January 2022?

After 1st January 2022, all solid fuel-burning room heater appliances will be required to have been independently tested to show that they fulfill the seasonal efficiency and four emission standards outlined in the Ecodesign regulations. As a result, the CO minimum emission limit will be drastically reduced. 

All appliances sold will come with both sales and marketing literature to assist customers in making more informed decisions about which appliances are the most efficient and clean-burning, as well as a reference in the manufacturer's instructions for installers to use during the installation design stages.

What About Existing Installations?

Only newly manufactured room heater appliances that are 'placed on the market' and made for sale after 2022 are subject to the new requirements. After this date, any products placed on the market must be evaluated and validated to ensure they meet the new criteria within Ecodesign legislation. 

In brief, your existing appliance won't require changing to comply with the Ecodesign regulations, as of right now. As the market moves towards a more environmentally sustainable place, it's expected more environment-related regulations will come into place. But not to confuse things let's focus on Ecodesign for now!