The Purevision™ HD range from Charlton & Jenrick comprises a wide range of models including freestanding, inset, classical and continental style pedestal stoves.

They contain technologically advanced patented design features that result in superb clean-burning performance and thermal efficiency of up to 87.2%. Emissions meet EU leading DIN+ levels and already achieve current emission and efficiency requirements for 2022 European Ecodesign standards, which are far tougher than current mandatory norms. DEFRA exemption for woodburning in a smokeless zone was a formality, with test results up to 97% below permitted levels of visible smoke.

Design parameters have been reset to produce a huge glass panel for fire viewing, framed by a substantial yet elegantly curved door, the aesthetics of which blend seamlessly with traditional or modern rooms and fireplaces. The glass panel is kept clean by the extremely powerful airwash system. Purevision™ HD is the result of Charlton & Jenrick’s ongoing endeavours to improve the state of the art in wood-burning combustion chamber design. High Definition (HD) means an improved visual resolution over the previous standard and Purevision™ achieves this by harnessing the airwash and specialised tertiary air-profiling within the burn chamber for sharply defined flames and complete combustion.

Purevision 12 YEAR WARRANTY

All Purevision HD stoves come with an extended 12 year parts warranty as standard, subject to terms and conditions. Please visit the website www.charltonandjenrick.co.uk for more details

Stoves of the future – here today

The SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) recently used the services of a research company, Kiwa Gastec whose report shows that modern clean burning Ecodesign stoves, including those in the Purevision range, can reduce particulate emissions by up to 90% compared to an open fire, and 80-84% compared to an old stove. This finding is so important that SIA have begun an ‘Ecodesign Ready’ labelling scheme verified by HETAS to promote stoves meeting the efficiency and emissions regulations early.

From 2017, the industry’s main manufacturers, including Charlton & Jenrick will ensure that all newly-designed wood burning stove models will meet European environmental standards for particulate emissions, which are not due to be enforced until 2022.

Charlton & Jenrick invested in the design and development of the Purevision range of Ecodesign Ready stoves as long ago as 2013 to prepare for future tightening of regulations. In doing so new combustion optimisation ideas and techniques were perfected resulting in a patent covering the tertiary air inlet system and several other innovations which were added within the products. You can buy safe in the knowledge that all the Purevision stoves you see at Green Man Stoves meet and exceed the 2022 regulations and are already certified SIA Ecodesign Ready.

For more info on the range, visit Chalrton & Jenrick's website

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