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Fireline FPi5

A Fireline Inset stove is designed to fit neatly into a wall. The Fireline FPi5W Inset for example, is designed to fit perfectly into a 20-inch fireplace opening. The firebox technology is well adapted to fit this space thereby maintaining 78% efficiency.

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Fireline FPi5 Four Sided
Fireline FPi5 Three Sided


Fireline FPi5

Create a stunning impression in your living room and enjoy the pleasure of a real wood-burning stove. Today’s stoves burn wood efficiently and cleanly, providing maximum heat and a focal point in any home. The 16″ x 22″ Fireline FPi5 has been designed to fit virtually any standard Class I chimney. This means fitting should be easy, with little building work required.

This inset fire is Ecodesign Ready and DEFRA exempt for burning wood in smoke-controlled areas plus being multi-fuel means you also have the option of burning solid fuel. When married with a Fireline limestone mantel, the effect can be truly stunning.

The stove comes with a choice of a solid cast iron door (FPi5) or with a double-glazed glass door (FGi5). The Fireline FPi5 & FGi5 are SIA compliant and DEFRA approved. They give excellent performance and value for money. In our opinion it is a solid ‘does what it says on the tin’ stove.

Operated according to manufacturer’s instructions and using good quality fuel, a Fireline FPi5 & FGi5 will give you years of economic, efficient heating, the glass will stay clean and you will enjoy a large view of the fire through the large uncluttered glass. 

Get piece of mind with all Fireline wood burning & multi-fuel stoves with 7 years extended parts warranty as standard. Full details and terms & conditions can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Download the Fireline Brochure here


Key Features

  • SIA Ecodesign Ready 2022 certified – ultra clean burning.
  • 5mm and 10mm thick laser profiled and seam-welded steel construction for strength and long life.
  • Draught-controlled tertiary air system.
  • High-quality cast iron doors.
  • New cast ceramic liner boards which are extremely durable and self cleaning.
  • All models fitted with solid fuel burning kits as standard.
  • All inset stoves now multi-fuel capable.
  • New Stainless-steel bar handle on inset models.
  • New Stainless-steel multi tool supplied with all stove models.
  • Powerful effective airwash. Exceptionally large ceramic glass window.
  • Stainless steel ash pan and fixings.
  • Very clean burning.
  • TTi Airwash System Fireline’s integral patented TTi airwash system is a self-regulating system that provides a clean burn, and reduced CO and particulate emissions, resulting in very high efficiency and exceptionally clean glass.

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