Many thanks for your enquiry. As a service based business, we’ve been tasked with trying to reduce the number of visits we make into people’s homes in these new and strange times. We’ve adopted a new tactic of an initial assessment based on information and photographs. This is actually working really well and helps us to respond very quickly to you in the first instance.

Further to that, there is a Customer Preliminary Details form below. If you can fill in the relevant details and 'submit' the form, we can tell you whether an installation is doable in principle and give you an idea of a potential budget.

There are also some example photographs – if you could take similar ones of your property and send those to us as well, that’s going to help us enormously. 

We’ve had our showroom and been working as installers for some 16 years now – so have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, regulations, practically what will and won’t work and really importantly what’s happening legislatively regarding solid fuel appliances. We’re a HETAS registered installation company, although we won’t just issue a certificate of self-certification – we’ll also give you a detailed audit trail and explanation of Building Regulation requirements to give you a safe installation and future security for your installation. We’ve also been granted technical member status with NACE (National Association of Chimney Engineers) which commits us to giving you a more thorough, technically competent and transparent service. Our NACE membership gives us a partnership with the Local Authority Building Control office which is particularly important. 

The Green Man Stoves enquiry process

  • Initial enquiry to discuss project
  • Email to Green Man Stoves with Preliminary Details and property photographs
  • Email from Green Man Stoves outlining costs and possible works involved 
  • Visual onsite inspection to design chimney system.
  • Mini report and estimate provided.
  • On acceptance of estimate, a deposit is paid and dates set for works to commence  
  • Green Man Stoves are licensed upper tier waste carriers and are able to legally and safely dispose of any waste generated during your works. 


About the property
Room Dimensions in Meters (Approx)
Recess Dimensions in Millimeters (Approx) - If Applicable
Objective in having a stove?

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Ross-On-Wye:  01989 218328