Green Man Stoves offers a ‘sort of’ stove part exchange facility


We don’t really know what else to call it!


Where we install a chimney liner and new stove into a customer’s property and take an old stove out, we will very happily put your old stove into our beautiful (even if we do say so ourselves) showroom.

We’ll put a Private Sale sign on it, discuss with you how much you would like for it and indeed, how much we think it’s worth – and hopefully be in the same ballpark.

We’ll show it to our customers and should someone decide to purchase it, they will pay you direct. We don’t take a cut and the transaction is between you and the purchaser. We unfortunately can’t guarantee it will sell – however, we will do our best for you. Stoves hold good value, and we haven’t failed yet. Some old stoves are in a shocking condition and it may be we have to tell you your stove is only fit for a garden decoration or tragically the scrapman! Please don’t be offended if this is the case, we pride ourselves on honesty and sometimes it hurts.

This arrangement has sadly been received with cynicism by some people. They cannot believe we would do something like this without there being anything in it for us.

Well, I’m pleased to say, we live in a nicer world than that. This is what we do. We don’t take a cut. We offer it as a bit of an ‘add on’ service and the thought that it may sway someone in our direction when they’re choosing their installer. I constantly hear all of our team members saying to customers “If we can help you, we will”, and it’s true. We’re never going to be millionaires, but we sleep well!!


Stove Part Exchange

Stove Part Exchange