TT10 Range

TermaTech TT10 is a range of stoves that combines the best operating comfort and the highest product quality with Scandinavian TermaTech design.

The range was developed back in 2007, when wood-burning stoves were subject to less strict requirements than they are today. Nonetheless, we still developed a stove with high energy efficiency (82%) and low emissions. For this reason, the TT10 range is one of the few classic ranges of wood-burning stoves that can still be sold. This is because we have never compromised on its quality, which is at the same high level as the rest of TermaTech’s range.

There are three different versions in the TT10 family, which all stand out with their quality and classical design.


Choose between rounded steel sides, rounded steel sides with side glass, or soapstone cladding with round sides. The TT10 models can be connected to the flue from the top or from the rear.


The ash tray is large and easy to access when it (rarely) needs emptying.

The base of the combustion chamber and the door’s inside framework are made from cast iron, to ensure the durability and stability of the door’s structure.

The very deep combustion chamber has several advantages: ash and embers do not fall out, and there is plenty of space to build up a good layer of embers. This ensures good combustion and longer radiated heat when the flames have died down.

The TT10 range is easy and simple to operate. The user will soon get to know the stove and any adjustment of the air control handle, just below the door, will immediately be seen in the fire.

All TT10 models can be equipped with external combustion air, with an output of 6 kW, which means that the stove can heat up to 120 m2.

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