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Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided Double Depth

A great option for an open fi0replace, an Aspect 4 Double-Sided Double Depth stove will warm
family spaces with ease thanks to its powerful Tripleburn® technology and generous output
of up to 11kW. Offering high controllability with airflow controls on both sides, a double-double Aspect stove is a force to be reckoned with.

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Aspect 4 Double Double
0005096 aspect 4 double sided double depth


Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided, Double Depth

The Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided Double Depth is the newest addition to the Parkray Aspect collection. The double-sided double depth is Defra certified for use in smoke-controlled locations and provides a 9Kw heat output to the room.

This elegant wood burning stove is also available as a multi-fuel appliance, with doors that open on both sides (with the multi fuel kit option.)

The Aspect 4 DD has a superb efficiency rating of 75%, guaranteeing that you get the most heat out of your fuel while saving money in the long term.

can be used when other Parkray models are too huge (and some of them are rather enormous!). With a 5" chimney liner, this stove is completely happy.

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Heat Output Range (kW) 6 - 11
Nominal Output (kW) 9.5
Nominal Range (kW) > 5.1
Efficiency (%) 75
CO Emissions (at 13% O2) (%) 0.20
Air Brick Required Yes
Defra Approved Yes (Wood models only)
Stove Technology Tripleburn Technology
Hot Airwash (to keep the glass clean) Yes

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