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Vulcanus Accessories

Accessories for the Vulcanus Grill range.

Vulcanus® grills can be used all-year round. Eggs for breakfast, steak for lunch, and a juicy stew for dinner with family or friends. Grill meat, vegetables, cheese, sausages, and eggs. Thanks to the separate thermal zones you can fry a steak and prepare fresh vegetables at the same time.

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vulcanus oilcan 075 l
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vulcanus cover pro730 stainless steel
vulcanus lock anchoring set with lock


Multigrid Pro730 and Pro910

This solid cast-iron grid will make your grill an optimal cooking center. You can use it to prepare many tasty
dishes – for example, to grill meat directly on the fire, giving you effective sear marks. If you remove the round
center grate, you can replace it with a saucepan and cook goulash. Placing a pizza stone in the middle opening
in combination with our ceramic oven will allow you to prepare pizza, cake, poultry,
or the best hamburger buns in town.

VULCANUS® Massive Board

Grill big – grill in style. To achieve the right effect you’ll need a top-quality little helper – a stylish, practical and robust chopping board on which to prepare all the ingredients for your gourmet experience. When grilling you can leave your cooked
meat on the board to rest before being served, so that the juices can be reabsorbed. The Vulcanus® chopping board is handmade in the Czech Republic from first class beech.

VULCANUS® Oilcan 0,5l

Grill in style. The stainless steel Vulcanus® Oilcan is handmade in Portugal. This stylish and practical grill accessory makes grilling food so much easier.


Vulcanus® grills can be easily protected with a tight-fitting cover for comfortable use. The cover keeps your grilling surface clean and ready for grilling at any time without the need to remove fallen leaves and rainwater. No need to worry about leaving your hot grill when the party is over. Simply put the cover on and everything will be safe. The cover comes in two sizes (Pro910 and Pro730) and also in two types of anti-corrosion finish – aluminium and stainless steel.


Protects your Vulcanus® product against vandalism and theft. Installing the striking anchor is very simple. Place your Vulcanus® grill above the prepared anchor point and lock it. Once unlocked, you can reposition your Grill or Butcher as required. The surface at the original site remains flat.


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