Town and Country Fires Caedmon

The Town and Country Fires Caedmon is an award winning design.

  • 7.5Kw output
  • Multifuel
  • British made
  • Optional remote control
  • Optional outside air kit
  • Built in tertiary air
  • Suitable for a 12mm hearth
  • 76.2% efficient on wood
  • 78.3% efficient on solid fuel
  • Maximum log length 380mm
  • Riddling grate
  • 6″ diameter flue (top flue only)
  • Brass or stainless steel fittings
  • Weight 92kg
  • Black is standard – but 9 colours are available
  • Town and Country Fires recommend purchase only through an approved local stockist
  • 10 year guarantee (must be purchased from approved stockist and fitted by a qualified installer)

View pdf file showing minimum clearances required from combustible materials

View pdf file showing Caedmon dimensions and emissions comparisons.

The Caedmon option has all of the same features, it also has a wider top plate (554mm) with air vents at the sides and convection panels, therefore reducing the distance to combustibles at the sides to 300mm.

The Caedmon can be supplied with an outside air kit which is now a requirement in a lot of new build properties and this version is also available with remote control if required. Both versions of the Caedmon are suitable for a 12mm hearth.


Town and Country Fires Caedmon multifuel stove is an award winning design with up to the minute technology. The controls have been simplified. The Town and Country Fires Caedmon has two levers below the door, one controls the primary air and the other controls the secondary and tertiary air. These take the place of spin wheels. Once the fire is established, there is no need to use the primary air except with smokeless fuel, even on re-fuelling.

All Town and Country Fires stoves have an air wash to the glass which works extremely well. Most have tertiary air at the rear of the firebox too, which burns off gases at the back of the fire that do not normally ignite, thus giving a very clean burn, causing less pollution in the atmosphere. Town and Country Fires are one of the very few stove people who actually make their stoves from start to finish in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

Town and Country Fires recommend that customers buy Town and Country Fires stoves only from a local, recognised stockist. If products are purchased from a non-approved source, they cannot guarantee that the product purchased is an up-to-date model with the latest features, nor can they be sure that the potential customer will have been given the best advice regarding suitability and installation.

The Town and Country Fires Caedmon – Caedmon is one of the earliest English poets who resided at Whitby Abbey in the Anglo Saxon times. His only known surviving work is Caedmon’s hymn and is one of the earliest examples of the Old English language.

The full range of Town and Country Fires solid fuel and woodburning stoves all carry certified ratings and comply with BS EN 13240:2001+ A2:2004 and BS EN 13229:2001 +A12003 +A2:2004. They are also HETAS approved and CE marked.

Town and Country Fires design and perfect the combustion in the stoves, so that they out perform some of the very best stoves across the world. They buy British steel, cut it accurately with a laser cutter, then bend it with a CNC press. The metal formed shapes are then passed to their robot welder which produces high penetration and extremely accurate joints. Once the bodies have been produced in this way, they are finished by hand which includes shot blasting to enable a good penetration of paint. Some of the stoves are completely hand made by staff who have worked for Town and Country Fires for many years.