Jydepejsen Omega Smart Stove

The new Omega combines technology, ease of use and design into one smart package. The stove is one of the first in the market to combine smart technology and interaction with the user through an app on their smart phone.

  • Hearth & Home 2016 Award winning stove
  • Self closing door
  • Start up function for perfect fire starting
  • Available in two heights
  • Fuel savings of up to 30%
  • Optimal environmentally friendly combustion
  • Fresh air intake option
  • Automatic air control
  • Refuelling LED indicator light
  • Schott Robax fire viewing panels
  • Nominal 5kw output. Capable of 3-8kw
  • Smart control from your phone or tablet
  • DEFRA exempt for smoke control areas
  • Circular elegance






We are proud to present Jydepejsen’s new automatic systems DIC (DuplicAir Intelligent Control®) which comes with the Jydepejsen Omega Smart Stove series.

By means of a signal, the automatic system helps you refill your stove at the right moment. Furthermore, you can also follow the current temperature and the chimney draught in the stove on your smartphone. The stress of having to refill the stove or that you might forget to do so is eliminated while at the same time the most economic utilisation of the fuel is ensured.

DIC is supplied with a motor that powers Jydepejsen Omega Smart Stove’s unique air control system DuplicAir®. After start, the air flow is opened automatically and is afterwards (again automatically) adjusted to the combustion, which ensures perfect and environmentally friendly heating. You can also override the automatic system in two ways: manually on DuplicAir® regulating lever on the stove or via a smartphone. It is absolutely possible to remotely operate the stoves by moving the slider on the display – nice and easy! DIC is also equipped with an indicator which blinks slowly during refilling down towards the floor in front of the stove and fast when controlled from a smartphone.

With DuplicAir®, you can turn the flames up and down as you wish. Jydepejsen has developed a unique air control system, which makes it possible to turn up or damp down the fire immediately. You decide how much heat your stove should emit.

Jydepejsen A/S is a Danish family business, founded by Finn Nielsen in 1979. From the first day, they have focussed on quality, design and development of air control systems.

Today, Jydepejsen is still family-owned, and Finn’s son is in charge of the daily operation of the business, based in Holstebro. The craft has been passed on to the next generation. Ambitions are still the same – to manufacture the most durable and beautiful high-quality wood-burning stoves on the market.


The Jydepejsen Omega Smart Stove is available in a number of models:

Jydepejsen Omega High Stove

Jydepejsen Omega High Stove

Jydepejsen Omega Chef Stove

Jydepejsen Omega Chef Stove


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Jydepejsen Omega Dimensions 

Jydepejsen Omega Core Dimensions 

Jydepejsen Omega High Dimensions 

Jydepejsen Omega Chef Dimensions 

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DIC Manual (smart control)


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