Fireline FP/FX Electric Stoves with 3D Ecoflame technology

Superior, large-stove performance from a petite, narrow design means that these models combine the efficiency and economy of a small stove with the enhanced performance of a much larger model. Continuous research and development have created a clean-burning heat that gives a cleaner, greener environment. Fitting virtually any aperture, this attractive design is freestanding. There is a choice of square or curved door styling, both of which offer superb flame pictures whether you burn wood or other fuels. 

The Fireline FX4 is SIA EcoDesign Ready and DEFRA exempt. It is the same as the Fireline FP4 only with a curved door.

It gives excellent performance and value for money. In our opinion it is a solid ‘does what it says on the tin’ stove.

Operated according to manufacturer’s instructions and using good quality fuel, a Fireline FX4 will give you years of economic, efficient heating, the glass will stay clean and you will enjoy a large view of the fire through the large uncluttered glass.

Take a look at the manufacturer’s website for more images – Charlton & Jenrick

Get piece of mind with all Fireline wood burning & multi-fuel stoves with 7 years extended parts warranty as standard. Full details and terms & conditions can be found on the manufacturer’s website.



Fireline FP/FX Electric Stoves with 3D Ecoflame™ technology

With today’s highly efficient homes it is not always necessary to have a gas or wood burning stove in your room or fitting such an appliance may just not be possible. If however you want the warmth from the look and feel of a stove in your home but without the need for such high heat outputs then an electric stove is the ideal choice. The Fireline FP/FX Electric Stove with 3D Ecoflame technology stove is based on the wood burning FX/FP5W, one of the UK’s most popular stoves. Like the wood burning stove there is a choice of either a curved or a square cast iron door and the body is heavily built from 5mm thick laser profiled steel plate. The stoves have an ultra-realistic flame effect thanks to the 3D Ecoflame™ from Charlton & Jenrick Ltd.

Fireline FP/FX Electric Stoves with 3D Ecoflame™ technology – Key Features

• Loose realistic log or coal fuel Bed

• Exciting realistic flame effect with 4 mood settings

• Remote control with timer and thermostat built in

• 2 generous heat settings Low 1kW and High 2kW

• Heavy duty steel construction

• Quality solid cast iron door

Take a look at the manufacturer’s website for more images – Charlton & Jenrick