Chimney Inspections & Stove Advice

Before going too far down your road to stovedom, it’s a good idea to contact Green Man Stoves for a free initial consultation. If necessary, we will recommend commissioning a chimney inspection of your chimney to discuss your chimney lining options. We can also go a good way towards narrowing down the vast array of solid fuel stoves available, to those most suitable for your circumstance and which will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

You would be surprised to learn how many people do not know how to use their stoves properly - whether you've just moved in to a new house with installed equipment, or you've promised yourself to read the instructions on that new unit but never quite got around to it but the cold weather is more urgent to deal with, or you have simply used one for years based on instinct! We can show you how to use your equipment properly - what fuels to use, frequency of maintenance and what all the levers do! Example: Never completely empty your ash tray. The metal is thinner but is exposed to a large amount of heat from the grate and can buckle if it isn't protected by a thin layer of ash. When we line a customer's chimney and install their stove, the very last thing we do is give a lesson in using your stove. Stove efficiency, glass cleanliness, heat output to the room, chimney safety, health and length of life can be impacted massively by improper/untrained use. We also give you some 'Handy Hints & Tips' information as well as some important 'Do's and Don'ts'. And don't forget, we would like to have a long and happy relationship with all our customers, so we are pleased to be in the showroom, on the end of the phone or receiving e-mail to ask for advice or guidance over the life of your stove and chimney lining. For a friendly lesson in best practice call 01989 218328 or 01453 753485, or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
If you are undertaking a new build or renovation we can look at your plans with you, advise on the best options to take, and work with your builder to ensure your new chimney and stove works first time! If you don't have a chimney we can advise on the best place to site a prefabricated, twin walled, insulated chimney system and stove. Whatever your situation, before you set your heart on something call us in - we will inspection free of charge and try our very best to give you exactly what your home and heart desires! It's always so disappointing all round when we have to tell a customer that a stove they have spent time researching, and have set their heart on will not meet their objectives or simply will not fit! So get us involved early in your decision making and we can guide you through that process. Call 01453 753485 or 01989 218328 to book your appointment for a chimney inspection now, or complete the form below.

Chimney Lining

We can give you advice and install a safe and efficient chimney or flue system. We will discuss investing in a detailed chimney inspection and advise you of your options before installing a stove. Sometimes the existing flue is fine, sometimes a small modification may suffice. We will always advise and talk through our recommendations. We use a variety of lining systems from pumped Thermocrete®, twin wall insulated chimney systems to flexible stainless steel systems for lining an existing chimney. The important thing is to have an in depth inspection of your property and match the type of lining to your situation and requirements. We will always place safety first and this will include ease of servicing and maintenance.

This method is ideal for a new chimney and where you need to install a chimney in a new build. The system is complete, has excellent systems to pass through roof spaces and simple access points to support and maintain the chimney. We use an excellent system supplied by POUJOULAT. Visit their web site for complete details.
Whatever form of heating you use an efficient chimney is essential to your safety and economy. Green Man Stoves hold the franchise for the THERMOCRETE® system which allows your chimney to be lined from the outside without disturbing the fabric of the building. THERMOCRETE® reinforces your chimney and prevents internal deteriation. The lining is impervious to all combustion products and has a high insulation value. It is a cost effective solution for any chimney that has deteriated and become leaky. It does not alter the external appearance yet is able to stabilise and restore an old chimney so that it can work efficiently. We are the only franchise holder for 100 miles. Thermocrete® B2c is a unique patented refractory chimney lining fabric, produced and tested to BS:4207 conforming to BSEN:1443 Most chimney lining installations are carried out in a single day Every installation carries a 25 year, quality assured guarantee
Flexible stainless steel chimney liner is a good solution for installing stoves into existing masonry chimneys. The pipe off the stove goes up to a steel closure plate at which point we adapt to the flexible liner,. This then goes to the top of the chimney and is supported from there. Insulation of the steel liner is optional, but not required under building regulations. Not all flexible steel chimney liners are the same. The quality varies enormously. We have found Schiedel Rite vent to be a reliable quality product. The 316 grade stainless steel is guaranteed for 10 years and the 904 grade stainless steel is guaranteed for 25 years.


Naturally as well as being experts in stoves, we professionally install stoves, fireplaces and restore chimneys.

There are many pretty convincing reasons to use industry affiliated suppliers. Safety is the core to all of them.

For some reason, stove installation has no regulation. If, for your own reasons, you don’t use us, use someone else with HETAS Certification.

We can also repair failed installations from unregulated suppliers who have no regard for CO emissions in your house or chimney fires.

Chimney Sweeping & Stove Servicing

Annual stove and fireplace inspections, chimney lining checks and repairs, stove services and chimney sweeps

Solid fuel appliances are known for their high quality, robust construction and long term durability. However, like any product in continuous use they do require attention and regular service by a competent engineer. We are a HETAS registered company and all our installations will conform to the current regulations and best practice.

Green Man Stoves recommend you have your chimney swept at least annually, and in any case immediately after your first burn season. We can tell you how your chimney is performing, give advice on the fuel you are using and suggest how frequently you should have your chimney swept.

Having your chimney swept at the end of a burn season rather than when you start to think about having fires again in the Autumn will mean you get rid of any tar and creosote deposits as soon as possible rather than leave them to corrode your shiny new liner over the summer months.


Gas is not the only fuel which emits carbon monoxide and each year a number of people are killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning from solid fuel and wood burning heating appliances. If Green Man Stoves installed your stove and liner you will have a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room as your stove. If we didn’t and you haven’t got one, please do think about getting one, and in older properties put one in the room above as well just to be on the safe side. We stock FireAngel alarms in both of our showrooms. If you are doubtful about the chances of being poisoned by carbon monoxide, take a look at the Carbon Monoxide Awareness website.

The Health & Safety Executive also takes the view that the maintenance of solid fuel appliances forms part of a Landlords undertaking, that the sweeping of flues cannot be delegated to tenants and that this requirement of maintenance can be enforced.

The Home Information Pack’s Energy Performance Certificate (HIP Pack) will encompass your solid fuel appliance which will only achieve maximum efficiency/rating if properly maintained, and you now have to certify and declare your CO2 efficiency.

With all these things in mind, our annual service includes chimney sweeping, checking stove seals, cleaning dampers & firebox, advising on consumables and advising on improved operation where relevant.

For customers moving into a property, or indeed with a lined chimney of their own which is a few years old, investing in a CCTV chimney camera inspection can be a sound option for peace of mind.

Please call 01453 753485 or 01989 218328 to book your chimney sweep and stove service or complete the form below: