Multifuel and Woodburning Stoves

Because we are independent and we install multifuel and woodburning stoves as well as retailing them, and because we are passionate about you ending up with a beautiful, safe and appropriate installation which works as well as it possibly can, we are really picky about the brands and models we choose to supply.

We’ve been doing this for 15 years now, so have built up a lot of knowledge about all things stove and flue related. Our showroom is also really visible and the last thing we want is customers queuing up to tell us how disappointed they are!

So, we choose the multifuel and woodburning stoves we supply based on these criteria:

  • The stove has to perform as it purports to.
  • The stove has to have good engineering and consistent quality of build.
  • The stove has to install well.
  • In our opinion it has to be good value for money.
  • In order to support our customers, we have to receive good support from our manufacturers.
  • An increasing issue is the cost of spare parts and consumables, the rising cost of these have caused us to make recent changes in some of the brands of multifuel and woodburning stoves we prefer.
  • There are new regulations coming in concerning pollution. Far from being the industry nightmare we thought it might be – it’s absolutely a win/win. For a stove to be non-polluting, the gases (smoke) being expelled has to be cleaner. If the gases are cleaner, your liner will last longer. For the gases to be cleaner, your stove must achieve really, really good combustion. If you’re getting good combustion, you will be getting better value for money and heat out of your fuel. All of the stoves we recommend are already compliant with the new regulations (Ecodesign Ready) – you will be ‘future proofing’ your installation and don’t have to worry about the availability of spares etc after the new regs come in.

SIA EcoDesign Ready

So please browse, peruse and enjoy – but before you spend enormous amounts of time deciding on your dream stove, do give us a call, talk through what you’d like to achieve and book in for a chimney inspection.

It’s heartbreaking when a customer comes into the showroom announcing they would like to buy a particular stove only for us to have to tell them that it won’t fit in their home, it’s really not a good match to their needs, or even sometimes is just a bit of a rubbish stove!

This version of our website is new, the stoves shown here aren’t all that we are able to supply – we’re putting them online as fast as we can!!