Chimney Inspections

Initial Consultation

Before going too far down your road to stovedom, it’s a good idea to contact Green Man Stoves for a

Free of charge initial consultation

We will inspect your chimney and discuss your chimney lining options. We can also go a good way towards narrowing down the vast array of solid fuel stoves available, to those most suitable for your circumstances and which will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

If you are undertaking a new build or renovation we can look at your plans with you, advise on the best options to take, and work with your builder to ensure your new chimney and stove works first time!

If you don’t have a chimney at all or want an additional stove without having enough chimneys (!) we can advise on the best place to site a prefabricated, twin walled, insulated chimney system and stove.

Whatever your situation, before you set your heart on something call us in – we undertake initial consultation free of charge and try our very best to give you exactly what your home and heart desires! It’s always disappointing all round when we have to tell a customer that a stove they have spent time researching, and have set their heart on will not meet their objectives or simply will not fit!

So get us involved early in your decision making and we can guide you through that process and hopefully make life a little easier whilst giving you peace of mind that what you are planning is, in the first place ‘do’able’, will meet your needs and most importantly that your home and family will be safe once your stove has been installed.

Call 01453 753485 or 01989 218328 to book your appointment for an initial consultation now, or complete the form below.

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