Green Man Stoves

We are a long standing local family run business passionate about high quality and friendly service. We will do almost anything (legal) to keep our customers happy. We are proud of the fact that our customers consistently get good, sound, honest advice, great workmanship, great customer service and great after sales service. Every customer is asked to review their experience with Green Man Stoves. Our view is that we all need a pat on the back when we’ve done well and we all benefit from knowing what we can do better in the future. We keep all our reviews in the showroom for you to have a mooch through – and to prove we haven’t made them up! Have a look!

How to find us:

The Forge, Weston-under-Penyard, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7NX

Telephone: 01989 218328


Telephone: 01453 753485


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Meet The Team

Here are some of the people behind the success of Green Man Stoves:

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James Price
The Boss

The expert in stoves and chimneys. If you're wondering if it is possible, James will be the one who can make it so. He'll put the heart into your hearth.

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Nicola Price
The Actual Boss

The person who drives Green Man Stoves forward with business development and networking is Nic. Come and say hello in our showroom!

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Alan Davies
Funny Man

Alan is our premier installer. He is definitely our 'Man who Can'. Quiet, calm, competent, tidy and justifiably proud of his workmanship. His 'unique' sense of humour keeps us all on our toes!

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Adam Herbert
Pop Master

Our top 'Pop Master' player. He'll know which stove, chimney lining solution and fireplace will best suit your needs and pocket. His knowledge isn't limited to Pop Master, he knows a lot about stoves, chimneys and safety - oh and cricket and golf too!

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Sam Hutchinson
The Glue

Sam is the glue that holds us all together. Presiding over the showroom, giving sound advice to all on matters from stoves and chimneys to health and holidays!! She does have to be limited to 2 cups of coffee a day....

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Danny Gear
Our Lovely Man

Danny Gear steps into the breach - helps out everywhere, sleeps everywhere, cycles everywhere! Everyone needs a Danny Gear in their workplace - one of life's 'givers'

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Jean Davies
My Mum!

Crunches the numbers. Keeps us in line. Rarely allowed out of her office unless it's to whip up a batch of most excellent lemon drizzle cake!