Go Eco Adventurer Glamping stove Yurt Tipi Shepherds Hut narrowboat Stove
By Nicola Price / 16 September 2019

Love Glamping

Our hearts used to sink when people came into the showroom wanting a glamping stove or to install a stove...

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Woodburner Green Man Stoves Before and After
By Nicola Price / 9 September 2019

Before & After

We're particularly pleased with this dull fireplace 'before' & 'after', magnificent woodburner transformation. Whatever your property, with our 15 years...

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Green Man Stoves Sale
By Nicola Price / 12 June 2019

Annual Summer Sale

Have you seen the headlines about banning woodburners? Don’t panic! It’s all about common sense, best practise, good fuel and...

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Purevision Cylinder Stove
By Nicola Price / 9 January 2018

Stove Glory!

Brrr, baby, it's cold outside! What better way to come home than to the glory of a real stove? Draw...

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Cast Iron Stove Top Cooker
By Nicola Price / 28 November 2017

Stove Top Cookers

Look what else we've got!! We have searched for such a long time for a good quality cast iron stove...

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PureVision 5 wide on 3" stand
By Nicola Price / 8 November 2017

It’s Christmas!!

We still have pre Christmas availability thanks to our two magnificent teams of installers working 7 days a week since...

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SIA Ecodesign ready stoves
By Nicola Price / 28 September 2017

Replacing your Stove

Replacing just one old inefficient stove with a low emission one, could be the equivalent of taking five old diesel trucks...

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Green Man Stoves Fireline FX5W
By Nicola Price / 9 August 2017

Employees or Sub Contractor Installers?

When you visit a stove shop, and decide to purchase because you like the people, you like the products, you...

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Fireline stove spring offer
By Nicola Price / 3 May 2017

Fireline Stove Spring Offer

Our long-awaited Fireline Stove Spring offer is here: A fabulous Fireline FX5 stove could be installed into your home (chimney...

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Solid Fuel Stove Purevision 5kW Wide Inset Stove in Wave
By Nicola Price / 5 April 2017

5 Top Reasons to Buy a Solid Fuel Stove

Wood burning and Solid Fuel stoves not only look great, and provide warmth, there is also a number of other things, which...

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