Road Closed

Road Closed! The A40 is going to be closed for a couple of weeks. But we’re still here!! Not what we needed when trying to recover from lockdown! However, the workmen are being very helpful and if you do want to come to the shop, speak to one of them and if it’s possible they will guide you through – So sorry for the inconvenience. We are still here to help and advise you – 01989 218328, Technology is a marvellous thing and we can help you a lot virtually or in person 

Virtual Help
Send us some pics
If you want to know what might be possible before coming to see us, send us some photos to Send a picture of your fireplace, up your chimney (if possible) and the outside of your property including the top of your chimney stack.

We’ll guide you through
We can tell you what we would expect to be behind your current fireplace. Give you ideas of what work would be needed. We can give you some ballpark figures of costs you might expect – all before you have invested too much time and energy into the project.

We’ll suggest woodburner or solid fuel stove sizes that will be appropriate for your space. We can suggest woodburner or solid fuel stoves that we think will best suit your room.

This is what we’re trained to do!
Nicola and the team have lots and lots of experience and knowledge. We’ve invested a lot of time and money in being as knowledgeable as we are. Use us without obligation. But we’re confident that you will grow to trust us to give you something beautiful, something safe, something legal, something insurable, something enduring, something non-polluting, something compliant to the new Clean Air Regulations etc etc etc.

Alternatively pop into the showroom – get our best advice face to face.

Have a look at the reviews and other Before and After photographs on our Facebook page to see why.