Fireline FX5W Boscombe stove guarantees

Stove Guarantees

All the manufacturers we choose to supply have really good stove guarantees – but it’s useful to know what that actually means wherever, and from whomever you choose to buy.

Each manufacturer words their stove guarantees differently, but largely, for stove guarantees or warranty claims to be upheld, they all include the following:

  • The stove must be purchased through an authorised dealer.
  • The stove must be installed by a HETAS registered installer or be signed off by your Local Authority Building Control.
  • You will usually need to register your stove with the manufacturer to validate your guarantee.
  • Extended guarantees do not usually apply to stoves purchased online. Usually only a 12 month warranty is offered for online purchases.
  • Stoves must be annually maintained by a suitably qualified person, and you must keep invoices and/or sweeping certificates in case you need to prove this.
  • Stoves must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This is particularly relevant for:
    • The type of fuel you choose to burn. Do ONLY use quality clean, dry firewood, (less than 20% moisture – we sell digital moisture meters which will help you monitor this), or anthracite. Some smokeless fuels or brands of smokeless fuel (particularly those containing petrochemicals) will not be suitable for your appliance and use of them could invalidate your guarantee. We would advocate only burning anthracite (very pure, deep mined coal) rather than processed smokeless fuels. It’s a good idea to hang on to your fuel invoices as well.
    • Running the appliance at a low output for long periods, or overnight. This is called ‘slumbering’. This should not be done. It is also recommended to run the appliance at a controlled high fire temperature within each firing for at least 30 mins as recommended by the manufacturer. Using a stove thermometer (we sell these as well) will allow you to monitor flue gas temperatures. It has been proven that slumbering your appliance is a contributing factor to liner failure. Consistent slumbering of your appliance may lead to your liner or appliance warranty being invalidated. Correct flue gas temperatures will increase efficiency and avoid the build up of tar and soot deposits.
  • Stove consumables are not included in a stove guarantee: glass, firebricks, rope, grates, log retainers, baffle plates etc.

Other than that, we choose our manufacturers carefully. One of our ‘must haves’ is great customer service. If we install a stove and chimney liner or chimney system for you we are, of course, here for you and can sort most issues out with a bit more advice or a quick visit to give a further ‘lesson’ or make a minor adjustment. We rarely have to resort to advising a customer to make a guarantee claim. To aid us in this, our manufacturers look after us which helps us look after you!