SIA Ecodesign ready stoves

Replacing your Stove

Replacing just one old inefficient stove with a low emission one, could be the equivalent of taking five old diesel trucks off the road it’s claimed! SIA Ecodesign ready

The EU’s new SIA Ecodesign ready standards, which are due to come into effect in 2022 state that new stoves must be at least 75% efficient. The legislation before was much lower, stipulating a 65% limit. These regulations are all to help towards a cleaner, greener environment.

These tough new rules highlight how inefficient old technology is. An open fire has an efficiency of only 25%! An old stove is not as inefficient as an open fire, but still is incredibly inefficient when compared to modern Ecodesign stoves of today.

Over 200,000 wood burning stoves are sold in the UK every year. They are desirable and a great style option for a home. Not only are they stylish, they have also been proven to help lower blood pressure and increase relaxation, according to the results of a research project by the University of Alabama.

Stoves on the Market Today

There are lots and lots of stoves on the market today that don’t currently, and show no sign of becoming efficient enough to satisfy the new EcoDesign Standards. So this is definitely another question to add to your list when speaking to stove suppliers. Charlton & Jenrick are one of our favourite manufacturers. They support us magnificently which helps us to support our customers. Having said that, after installation, we get so very, very few callbacks until the customer’s annual sweep and stove service, that it’s win/win all round.

We’ve got the full range of Charlton & Jenrick’s Purevision stoves in our showroom, one of the reason being that Charlton & Jenrick invested in the design and development of the Purevision range of SIA Ecodesign ready stoves as long ago as 2013 to prepare for future tightening of regulations. In doing so new combustion optimisation ideas and techniques were perfected resulting in a patent covering the tertiary air inlet system and several other innovations which were added within the products. The result was three initial fireboxes available in six inset and freestanding formats, which all passed the SIA Ecodesign ready criteria nine years ahead of official introduction of these tough new rules – which consumers and the environment can benefit from right now. The range has since expanded to include classic cast iron clad models plus a slimline and cylindrical model. All models have been amongst the very first to be registered with the new SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme as demonstrated on the HETAS appliance listing website.

Silent Killers?

There has been some bad and misleading press in the past about wood burning stoves, and the fact that they are “silent killers” – this is far from the truth with new high efficiency stoves. Smoke from burning wood does naturally contain a mixture of harmful gases, which have greatly been reduced with newer stoves. Furthermore the introduction of maximum carbon monoxide and NOx levels will come into force alongside the 2022 legislation, all which will help contribute to the greener credentials of a modern wood burning stove.

SIA EcoDesign Ready

SIA Ecodesign Ready Labelling:

From January 2018 all stoves will need to be “eco-labelled”, which means there will be no hiding behind the fictitious “green” credentials. This labelling will be similar to what we see with household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. This labelling will give consumers a much clearer view of the efficiency and output of their stove. Until then, this is the label you need to look for: SIA EcoDesign Ready.

How Consumers Will Benefit from SIA Ecodesign Ready:

Clearer labelling with generally lower emissions across the board, will be two significant benefits of these new developments. Tests have already shown that an ecodesign stove, such as those found in the Purevision range, produce 90% fewer emissions than an open fire, and 83% less than a stove from 10 years ago – a huge leap forwards by any standard.

SIA EcoDesign Ready

SIA Eco Design Ready Purevision 5