Purevision Classic

New Purevision Classic Stove

Purevision stoves are without a doubt fabulous. In response to being asked for a more traditional looking stove still with all the features of the Purevision range, Charlton & Jenrick have launched their new ‘Purevision Classic’ range. These have a much more traditional look but are still crammed full of Purevision technology. This makes them ultra-efficient.

Purevision Stoves meet 2022 Regulations!

Charlton & Jenrick as manufacturers, are also way ahead of the game in that the Purevision has been designed to easily pass the strict Eco Design 2022 regulations. These will ensure all stoves sold are clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

We’re loving Ceramic Firebricks

The Purevision Classic models also feature ceramic firebricks. We love these in both the Purevision and Fireline stoves – cleaner, more durable and so much better looking! The majority of standard firebricks are made out of vermiculite board. By it’s nature vermiculite deteriorates over time and with use (and are not covered by any guarantees). It’s hard to understand why more manufacturers don’t follow Charlton & Jenrick’s example.

Super New Purevision Baffle System

These new stoves also come with a new stainless steel patented innovative active baffle system. The baffle plate is the steel horizontal plate in the roof of the stove. When you open the door, a small section of the baffle drops down and gives the fire an extra bit of oomphy updraught air, so you don’t get that annoying puff of smoke into the room, making the stove much more pleasant and easier to refuel. Efficient and effective stoves (and the ones with clean glass) have airtight fireboxes. However, that in itself can make a stove tricky to light. In the ignition position, the baffle section is dropped down, a little bit more air is introduced to aid lighting and that eliminates the common need in manufacturer’s lighting instructions to leave the door open a fraction during lighting – so much better. In fact the new active baffle system has been so well received that it is now to be a standard feature on the existing modern contemporary Purevision™ range as well.

We light our Purevision Classic stove every day

We light our Purevision Classic stove in the showroom every single day – it’s super controllable the glass is crystal clean – we haven’t had to clean it ourselves. At all. Ever. We’ve also got the full range of modern Purevision stoves for you to see, touch, open and close and generally get the feel of. We’re careful and very choosy about what we sell – we simply can’t sell enough of these. We know they do everything they purport to, we know you will be delighted – Job done!