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Green Man Stoves is the Best Business

We are delighted to announce that for the second year running Green Man Stoves have been awarded ‘Best Business in Town’ by the independent customer review site ‘The Best of’. The award is based upon reviews and testimonials submitted by our customers and which are then independently verified with the customer by  the lovely people at ‘The Best of’. Green Man Stoves reviews.Green Man Stoves Reviews

We have a link at the bottom the page which shows exactly what people have said about us and we’re really chuffed about it. Any business very quickly gets to hear about customers who are unhappy with the level of service they’ve received and the fact that our customers are taking the time and trouble to write such super stuff about us makes us feel like it’s all worth it!Green Man Stoves Reviews

We welcome any and all reviews, on Google, on Trustpilot, on Facebook and indeed The Best of. They’re all independently verified so all really valuable.

About 65% of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations. This is a really high number and we’re delighted with it. When a customer recommends a business it is also their own integrity they are putting on the line. The fact so many are willing to recommend us speaks volumes.Green Man Stoves Reviews

We think this is because we do what we do because we know our customers are making an investment in their solid fuel stove and their chimney lining which they need to be confident about. They will be staring at their stove for a long time, it isn’t something you change regularly after all – it needs to be beautiful, appropriate for their needs, installed correctly and most importantly installed safely. We are driven to satisfy these requirements for our customers, they are our motivation. We have a home, children, pets, treasured possessions. We want our tradesmen to regard them as importantly as we do and leave no room for accident or incident. We’re also here in the showroom and available on the phone 6 days a week for really good after sales service, help, advice and reassurance. It’s not all about money – we need to be able to sleep at night!
Green Man Stoves Reviews