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5 Top Reasons to Buy a Solid Fuel Stove

Wood burning and Solid Fuel stoves not only look great, and provide warmth, there is also a number of other things, which count as very valid reasons to invest in a wood burning stove. Below are 5 top reasons why you should be considering a solid fuel stove. solid fuel stove

1. They are highly efficient. In our industry we often talk about how efficient a fire is, expressed as a percentage. A stove, which has an efficiency of 80% for example, means 80% of the heat produced by a stove directly goes to heat a room, where the remaining 20% is waste heat, which mostly disappears up the chimney.

In recent years the industry has made advancements in fire efficiency. A traditional open fire has an efficiency of around 25%, which is poor by current standards. A modern stove is nearer 80% efficiency. This means less wood needs to burn to produce the same amount of heat. This has not only financial but environmental benefits too.

2. Wood is a renewable and sustainable energy.  Wood is as a renewable and sustainable energy source. There are a vast range of environmental benefits of burning wood, and also a number of myths – more of which can be read in our Frequently Asked Questions section solid fuel stove

3.Modern Stove Design. We are picky about which stoves we supply and pleasingly many of them already meet EU DIN+ levels and already achieve current emission and efficiency proposals for 2022 European Eco-Design standards, which are much tougher than current mandatory norms. Of course the majority of them are also DEFRA approved for smoke control areas. solid fuel stove

4. Air Wash Technology. The majority of stoves offer an airwash technology design, which helps keep the window of a fire clean and reduces tar build up. Unfortunately airwash doesn’t work in all stoves as the quality of their engineering is not good enough. Fortunately, airwash does work in all of the stoves we supply and fit. This means less time cleaning and more time enjoying a beautiful flame window. There is nothing worse than having a black, tarred up window to spoil the effect of a wood burning stove. Airwash helps reduce this problem to ensure you can enjoy your wood burning stove, not only as a heating source but also as a beautiful visual point in a home.

5. Long Warranties – All stoves come complete with warranties. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are covered. The length of warranty varies – the longest on the market is for the outstanding Charlton & Jenrick Purevision range which covers you for up to 12 years after purchase.

solid fuel stove