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Employees or Sub Contractor Installers?

When you visit a stove shop, and decide to purchase because you like the people, you like the products, you like the price etc. Do you think to ask whether you will be having Employees or Sub Contractor installers in your home? All of our installers are our employees, they share our ethos, they promote our business, we will be able to tell you their names when you first walk in. We invest in their training, we take care of their insurances and their registration with professional bodies. We know them, we trust them in your home implicitly and should something go awry with your installation there will be no question as to whose responsibility it is – it will be Green Man Stoves’!

All of these things are not quite so clear cut with stove companies who use sub contractors and some responsibilities can become muddied.

A company’s staff are it’s most expensive asset and it isn’t easy to keep them all busy in the summer months – but it is worth it to us for all the reasons stated above. They are loyal to us and we to them. The success of an installation reflects directly upon Green Man Stoves, there is no ‘walking away’ to be done as we’re all on the same team – and that is the way we think it should be done!

We can also all make sure that installations are done the way we want them done – safely, adhering to building regs, finishing with a good handover process and information and lessons for you to ensure you are using your stove safely and efficiently, that the fuel you are burning is also safe and appropriate and that you have the knowledge to eke out as many years as possible from both your appliance and chimney liner.

So perhaps asking whether you will be having Employees or Sub Contractor installers should be an addition to your ‘Questions I Must Remember to Ask’ list!

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