Fireline stove spring offer

Fireline Stove Spring Offer

Our long-awaited Fireline Stove Spring offer is here: A fabulous Fireline FX5 stove could be installed into your home (chimney lining, carbon monoxide alarm and HETAS certification all included, subject to T&C and inspection) all for only £1250.00 AND you can do this using our Divido finance option – INTEREST FREE credit for 6-12 months.

Go on, treat yourself. Pop on down to the showroom to have a look at a Fireline stove burning, check out our great customer reviews and testimonials. Go and take a look at our staff ‘Rogues‘ gallery. We have super installation teams, great showroom staff, we offer lots of advice and practical help with using your stove and we’re here in person or on the phone 6 days a week to look after you! fireline stove spring offer

About Fireline Stoves

Fireline stoves carry a 7 year warranty – This is far longer than the guarantee offered by any other manufacturer for stoves at the same price point.

Fireline multifuel stoves incorporate advanced, patented firebox combustion technology developed exclusively in Fireline’s own Telford laboratory. This results in very clean burning and highly efficient stoves. Their woodburning stoves begin at nearly 78% efficiency (where many other products peak) and rise to over 82%. But thermal efficiency is only a small part of the story. Their combustion technology harnesses the unique fireline designed airwash as an integral part of the system and not an afterthought as seen on many older designs of stove. This means the glass truly does stay clean! fireline stove spring offer

All but the smallest Fireline 4Kw woodburning model have easily achieved DEFRA exemption for burning logs in smokeless zone. Something of a formality for Fireline when clean burning is designed and developed into the products from conception. fireline stove spring offer

This performance is the result of constant investment in research and development. Fireline’s 100% in-house British 3D CAD designs are produced using the best materials and exacting assembly standards. Using the latest CNC laser-profiling and press-brake technology, together with seam welding and traditional iron founding techniques, Fireline stoves are designed, manufactured and independently certified to meet BS EN13240 and EN13229. All in compliance with their ISO9001 accreditation.

Woodburning using a modern Fireline high performance stove is not only environmentally responsible but the powerful heating effect combined with the warm ambience of the flame pictures from huge air washed glass panels simply cannot be beaten.  fireline stove spring offer

Call 01989 218328 to find out more or complete the Enquiry Form below.

fireline stove spring offer

Solid Fuel Stove Purevision 5kW Wide Inset Stove in Wave

5 Top Reasons to Buy a Solid Fuel Stove

Wood burning and Solid Fuel stoves not only look great, and provide warmth, there is also a number of other things, which count as very valid reasons to invest in a wood burning stove. Below are 5 top reasons why you should be considering a solid fuel stove. solid fuel stove

1. They are highly efficient. In our industry we often talk about how efficient a fire is, expressed as a percentage. A stove, which has an efficiency of 80% for example, means 80% of the heat produced by a stove directly goes to heat a room, where the remaining 20% is waste heat, which mostly disappears up the chimney.

In recent years the industry has made advancements in fire efficiency. A traditional open fire has an efficiency of around 25%, which is poor by current standards. A modern stove is nearer 80% efficiency. This means less wood needs to burn to produce the same amount of heat. This has not only financial but environmental benefits too.

2. Wood is a renewable and sustainable energy.  Wood is as a renewable and sustainable energy source. There are a vast range of environmental benefits of burning wood, and also a number of myths – more of which can be read in our Frequently Asked Questions section solid fuel stove

3.Modern Stove Design. We are picky about which stoves we supply and pleasingly many of them already meet EU DIN+ levels and already achieve current emission and efficiency proposals for 2022 European Eco-Design standards, which are much tougher than current mandatory norms. Of course the majority of them are also DEFRA approved for smoke control areas. solid fuel stove

4. Air Wash Technology. The majority of stoves offer an airwash technology design, which helps keep the window of a fire clean and reduces tar build up. Unfortunately airwash doesn’t work in all stoves as the quality of their engineering is not good enough. Fortunately, airwash does work in all of the stoves we supply and fit. This means less time cleaning and more time enjoying a beautiful flame window. There is nothing worse than having a black, tarred up window to spoil the effect of a wood burning stove. Airwash helps reduce this problem to ensure you can enjoy your wood burning stove, not only as a heating source but also as a beautiful visual point in a home.

5. Long Warranties – All stoves come complete with warranties. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are covered. The length of warranty varies – the longest on the market is for the outstanding Charlton & Jenrick Purevision range which covers you for up to 12 years after purchase.

solid fuel stove

Green Man Stoves Reviews Best Business

Green Man Stoves is the Best Business

We are delighted to announce that for the second year running Green Man Stoves have been awarded ‘Best Business in Town’ by the independent customer review site ‘The Best of’. The award is based upon reviews and testimonials submitted by our customers and which are then independently verified with the customer by  the lovely people at ‘The Best of’. Green Man Stoves reviews.Green Man Stoves Reviews

We have a link at the bottom the page which shows exactly what people have said about us and we’re really chuffed about it. Any business very quickly gets to hear about customers who are unhappy with the level of service they’ve received and the fact that our customers are taking the time and trouble to write such super stuff about us makes us feel like it’s all worth it!Green Man Stoves Reviews

We welcome any and all reviews, on Google, on Trustpilot, on Facebook and indeed The Best of. They’re all independently verified so all really valuable.

About 65% of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations. This is a really high number and we’re delighted with it. When a customer recommends a business it is also their own integrity they are putting on the line. The fact so many are willing to recommend us speaks volumes.Green Man Stoves Reviews

We think this is because we do what we do because we know our customers are making an investment in their solid fuel stove and their chimney lining which they need to be confident about. They will be staring at their stove for a long time, it isn’t something you change regularly after all – it needs to be beautiful, appropriate for their needs, installed correctly and most importantly installed safely. We are driven to satisfy these requirements for our customers, they are our motivation. We have a home, children, pets, treasured possessions. We want our tradesmen to regard them as importantly as we do and leave no room for accident or incident. We’re also here in the showroom and available on the phone 6 days a week for really good after sales service, help, advice and reassurance. It’s not all about money – we need to be able to sleep at night!
Green Man Stoves Reviews

Divido Payment Plan Green Man Stoves

Green Man Stoves Now Offering 0% Finance

Green Man Stoves is now offering a 0% finance payment plan for our UK customers on up to 12 months payment plans. Green Man Stoves uses Divido, a UK finance provider. Divido (Divido Financial Services Limited) lets customers spread the cost of any purchase over a period of time and is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. For more information, please go to our Finance page, visit or ask us for more details.

The application process is simple, takes around 5 minutes for you to complete, is carried out online and you will receive a decision within 30 seconds of completion.

In case you decide to take advantage of our payment plans, here’s a quick guide to everything you’ll need to know.

Who is Eligible for Finance?

Applying for a payment plan is simple. To be eligible for finance you will need to meet the following criteria:



Be a UK resident



Be at least 18 years of age



Be working at least 16 hours per week or in receipt of steady income



Have 3 years of UK address history



Have a valid phone number and email address


An Example of how Finance from Green Man Stoves works

Whether you’ve been coveting one of our beautiful stoves on a supply only basis, want us to line your chimney and install a stylish new stove or go the whole hog and want us to renovate your fireplace and fit a glorious new fire surround, line your chimney and install a stove why not make budgeting for it a little more flexible.


Purevision 5kW Freestanding Stove on Stand in Inglenook


Example 1: You could purchase this Purevision 5 stove costing £1416.00 (Including optional 8″ stand @ £120) using one of the following options:

25% deposit £354.00 and credit arranged on the balance of £1062.00

£177.00 payable per month for 6 months at 0% interest or

£88.50 payable per month for 12 months at 0% interest.




Town and Country Fires Dalby


Example 2: You could purchase this high end Town & Country Fires Dalby stove and have your chimney lined and the stove installed and HETAS certified (ballpark figures based on a standard two storey dwelling) for approximately £2370 (this includes a supplement of £110 for the coloured version of this stove. Many other colours are available and of course it does also some in matt black with no supplement at all)

25% Deposit of £592.50 and credit arranged on the balance of £1777.50

£296.25 payable per month for 6 months at 0% interest or

£148.13 payable per month for 12 months at 0% interest.



Fireline FP5W in Wave with Chamber


Example 3: You could purchase this magnificent Fireline FX5W (shown in a ‘Wave’ Fireplace. We can renovate, knock out or create your fireplace, line your chimney and fit a beautiful limestone fireplace (other designs are available) and install the stove using our own HETAS certified engineers. This is one of our bigger jobs and figures given are ballpark figures based on a standard two storey dwelling for approximately £3500.

25% Deposit of £875 and credit arranged on the balance of £2625

£437.50 payable per month for 6 months at 0% interest or

£218.75 payable per month for 12 months at 0% interest.

Payment Plan

Green Man Stoves Town and Country Langdale stove

Christmas has come to Green Man Stoves

Christmas has come to Green Man Stoves. The trees are up, the stoves are lit, we’re busy making lots of customers safe, warm and toasty this Christmas and Stuart from Town and Country Fires in Yorkshire has just been in with the biggest box of chocolates we’ve ever seen!

Come in for a warm and/or a delicious choc and let us guide you through the process of safely installing a HETAS certified chimney lining system and glorious stove into the heart of your home.

Green Man Stoves Charlton and Jenrick Purevision Classic Stove

Green Man Stoves Showroom – Charlton and Jenrick Purevision Classic Stove. Warming our hearth and souls!

Green Man Stoves Charlton and Jenrick Fireline FX5W stove

Green Man Stoves Showroom – Charlton and Jenrick Fireline FX5W stove in an Aylesbury limestone fireplace

Purevision 5kW Freestanding Stove in Wave pre Christmas fitting

Pre Christmas Fitting

We still have availability for Pre Christmas fitting of stove and chimney liner installations

It’s that time of year again! However, we have been doing this for in excess of 12 years now and have tried all sorts of ways to ensure we can invest in, and train our staff as HETAS engineers, keep them on the payroll all year round and have enough of them to service the increase in demand for pre Christmas fitting of stove and chimney liner installations in the winter. Not easy!

We are now installing a minimum of 2 stoves and chimney liners every day, 7 days a week inbetween now and Christmas.

We are also offering our FOC chimney inspections evenings and weekends.

This means we still have December 2016 dates available.

And if that weren’t enough we have some fabulously friendly and knowledgeable staff in our showroom at The Forge, Weston-under-Penyard, Ross-on-Wye HR9 7NX available to you 6 days a week!

Pop into the showroom and chat your ideas through, have a look at our beautiful stoves, have a warm in front of our lit stoves, complete the Contact Us form below or give us a call on 01989 218328.


Fireline FX5W Boscombe stove guarantees

Stove Guarantees

All the manufacturers we choose to supply have really good stove guarantees – but it’s useful to know what that actually means wherever, and from whomever you choose to buy.

Each manufacturer words their stove guarantees differently, but largely, for stove guarantees or warranty claims to be upheld, they all include the following:

  • The stove must be purchased through an authorised dealer.
  • The stove must be installed by a HETAS registered installer or be signed off by your Local Authority Building Control.
  • You will usually need to register your stove with the manufacturer to validate your guarantee.
  • Extended guarantees do not usually apply to stoves purchased online. Usually only a 12 month warranty is offered for online purchases.
  • Stoves must be annually maintained by a suitably qualified person, and you must keep invoices and/or sweeping certificates in case you need to prove this.
  • Stoves must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This is particularly relevant for:
    • The type of fuel you choose to burn. Do ONLY use quality clean, dry firewood, (less than 20% moisture – we sell digital moisture meters which will help you monitor this), or anthracite. Some smokeless fuels or brands of smokeless fuel (particularly those containing petrochemicals) will not be suitable for your appliance and use of them could invalidate your guarantee. We would advocate only burning anthracite (very pure, deep mined coal) rather than processed smokeless fuels. It’s a good idea to hang on to your fuel invoices as well.
    • Running the appliance at a low output for long periods, or overnight. This is called ‘slumbering’. This should not be done. It is also recommended to run the appliance at a controlled high fire temperature within each firing for at least 30 mins as recommended by the manufacturer. Using a stove thermometer (we sell these as well) will allow you to monitor flue gas temperatures. It has been proven that slumbering your appliance is a contributing factor to liner failure. Consistent slumbering of your appliance may lead to your liner or appliance warranty being invalidated. Correct flue gas temperatures will increase efficiency and avoid the build up of tar and soot deposits.
  • Stove consumables are not included in a stove guarantee: glass, firebricks, rope, grates, log retainers, baffle plates etc.

Other than that, we choose our manufacturers carefully. One of our ‘must haves’ is great customer service. If we install a stove and chimney liner or chimney system for you we are, of course, here for you and can sort most issues out with a bit more advice or a quick visit to give a further ‘lesson’ or make a minor adjustment. We rarely have to resort to advising a customer to make a guarantee claim. To aid us in this, our manufacturers look after us which helps us look after you!

Purevision Classic

New Purevision Classic Stove

Purevision stoves are without a doubt fabulous. In response to being asked for a more traditional looking stove still with all the features of the Purevision range, Charlton & Jenrick have launched their new ‘Purevision Classic’ range. These have a much more traditional look but are still crammed full of Purevision technology. This makes them ultra-efficient.

Purevision Stoves meet 2022 Regulations!

Charlton & Jenrick as manufacturers, are also way ahead of the game in that the Purevision has been designed to easily pass the strict Eco Design 2022 regulations. These will ensure all stoves sold are clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

We’re loving Ceramic Firebricks

The Purevision Classic models also feature ceramic firebricks. We love these in both the Purevision and Fireline stoves – cleaner, more durable and so much better looking! The majority of standard firebricks are made out of vermiculite board. By it’s nature vermiculite deteriorates over time and with use (and are not covered by any guarantees). It’s hard to understand why more manufacturers don’t follow Charlton & Jenrick’s example.

Super New Purevision Baffle System

These new stoves also come with a new stainless steel patented innovative active baffle system. The baffle plate is the steel horizontal plate in the roof of the stove. When you open the door, a small section of the baffle drops down and gives the fire an extra bit of oomphy updraught air, so you don’t get that annoying puff of smoke into the room, making the stove much more pleasant and easier to refuel. Efficient and effective stoves (and the ones with clean glass) have airtight fireboxes. However, that in itself can make a stove tricky to light. In the ignition position, the baffle section is dropped down, a little bit more air is introduced to aid lighting and that eliminates the common need in manufacturer’s lighting instructions to leave the door open a fraction during lighting – so much better. In fact the new active baffle system has been so well received that it is now to be a standard feature on the existing modern contemporary Purevision™ range as well.

We light our Purevision Classic stove every day

We light our Purevision Classic stove in the showroom every single day – it’s super controllable the glass is crystal clean – we haven’t had to clean it ourselves. At all. Ever. We’ve also got the full range of modern Purevision stoves for you to see, touch, open and close and generally get the feel of. We’re careful and very choosy about what we sell – we simply can’t sell enough of these. We know they do everything they purport to, we know you will be delighted – Job done!